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DiamondKoteTM Release Agents for the Molding of Power Transmission and Conveyor Belts

Molding of Power Transmission and Conveyor Belts
Molding of Power Transmission and Conveyor Belts
Summary: DiamondKoteTM outperforms traditional release agents for production of drive belts. Use of DiamondKoteTM allows for increase in production of efficiencies as a result of fewer applications, less frequent mold cleaning, and better release performance.


Two years ago one of the world's largest producers of drive belts asked us to produce a completely silicone free release for their belt manufacturing process. They mold mainly EPDM, CR, SBR and NBR.

We developed DiamondKoteTM which worked but they then introduced another EPDM compound which it didn’t work as well with.

In response we developed DiamondKoteTM W-41 63X which continues to work well on all compounds. The customer achieves 2 shifts of production before having to reapply the DiamondkoteTM which equates to about 24-28 belt slabs. DiamondkoteTM W-4163X has been given approval to be used at any site globally.

In Addition

DiamondKoteTM W-41 63X also has utility in other molding applications such as for seals, gaskets, o-rings, etc. If you are looking for a silicone free release agent for your demanding applications give us a call. We have a product for you.

Please contact us for additional information.

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DiamondKoteTM for Belting In Brief

Increase in Production Efficiencies
Fewer Applications
Less Frequent Mold Cleaning
Better Release Performance
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