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DiamondKoteTM Mold Release Agents for the Manufacture of Fiberglass Board and Insulation Products

Manufacture of Fiberglass Board and Insulation Products
Manufacture of Fiberglass Board and Insulation Products
Summary: DiamondKoteTM saves fiberglass plant millions in lost production through a significant reduction of downtime associated with reduced cleaning.


Fiberglass insulation has been gaining in popularity among builders and property owners for its superior thermal and acoustical insulation abilities, as well as moisture and mold resistance. It is therefore critical for manufacturers to maintain maximum productivity In order to satisfy customer demand.


Cleaning of the revolving metal flights, which are used to compress the wool into board was required at this facility every 2-1/2 days with the competitive mold release product. This cleaning process is needed to ensure product quality but requires up to 4 hours of production downtime per cleaning cycle on a product that is sold out for years.


The customer needed to increase production in order to meet their market demands. By using DiamondKoteTM mold release the customer was able to reduce binder and mold release build-up on their flights and reduced the cleaning cycle to once every 2 weeks. This increased their production by approximately 500 hours the first year and has saved them more than $2,000.000/year in lost production while maintaining or improving the characteristics of the finished product.

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DiamondKoteTM in Fiberglass Board Manufacturing In Brief

  • Reduce downtime and increased productivity savings up to 80%.
  • Reduce mold release usage.
  • Improve finish product quality.
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Provides for good adhesion.
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