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DiamondKoteTM Mold Release Agents for Release of High Performance Elastomeric Seals and Gaskets

Release of High Performance Elastomeric Seals and Gaskets
Release of High Performance Elastomeric Seals and Gaskets
Summary: DiamondKoteTM Semi-Permanent Mold Release outperforms competition. Saves operation $82,000/year in mold release cost and $55,000/year in cleaning cost.


This formula was developed exclusively for transfer/injection molded Varmac seals at a US facility. After several extended trials the following was found:

  • DiamondKoteTM more than doubled the longevity of the tool (10-15 vs. 5 cycles) when compared to the incumbent release agent. Annual mold release usage was reduced by 50% and cut purchase expenditure by $82,000 per year.
  • Frequency of mold cleaning was cut in half. Molds were cleaned only once per week vs. twice per week with the competitive release agent. Savings of $5,000 per year in cleaning costs and reduced production downtime was achieved.
  • DiamondKoteTM reduced production downtime further by virtually eliminating the need to unplug transfer plate sprues in between cycles, saving additional $1,000s annually.
  • Another field trial challenge was on the injection molded FKM o-rings. DiamondKoteTM reduced tool buildup and frequency of touch-up to no more than twice in 8 hours.

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All sulfur-cured compounds
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  • SBR
  • neoprene
  • nitrile
  • butyl
Bisphenol A-cured fluoropolymers
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