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DiamondKoteTM Mold Release Agents for the Molding of Anti-Vibration Components and General Rubber Goods

Molding of Anti-Vibration Components and General Rubber Goods
Molding of Anti-Vibration Components and General Rubber Goods
Summary: DiamondKoteTM outperformed several competitors on EPDM and various other applications and saved customer over $50,000 per year in mold release and other operating costs.


This DiamondKoteTM formulation was developed for injection-molded, rubber-to-metal molded Natural rubber engine and transmission mounts. After several independent trials, DiamondKoteTM proved to be highly effective on peroxide-cured EPDM rubber-to-metal bonded parts as well.

Proven Results

Extensive testing in the field showed:

  • DiamondKoteTM consistently provided 10-12 cycles before touch up compared to incumbents 6-8. These savings amounted to $15,000 per year in mold release consumption.
  • Scrap rate, normally reaching 4% was reduced by at least 50%. At $4-5 dollars per part, the customer saved $30,000 per year.
  • DiamondKoteTM also enhanced the longevity of the tools. The frequency of cleaning decreased significantly and saved the customer at least an additional $5,000.

Household Goods Molder Receives Remarkable Value! 

A molder of household goods is enjoying tremendous savings after DiamondKoteTM put an end to struggle with tool fouling and excessive mold release consumption.


  • Eliminated daily cleaning that was costing the customer nearly $20,000/year. Currently, tools are only cleaned once a week. In addition, such reduction increased the plant productivity by increasing daily output by 2,200 parts. At $2-3 dollars per part, such improvement brings $5,000 in extra revenue each day.
  • Increased intervals between touch ups from 4 cycles to 16 reduced mold release consumptions 4 times.
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DiamondKoteTM for Rubber-To-Metal Molding In Brief

Peroxide - and sulphur-cured EPDM
Double the number of cycles
Scrap rate cut in half
Increased tool longevity
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