STEM Education and the Future of Manufacturing

It’s difficult to flip through a newspaper or browse Google News without coming across mention after mention of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ) education.  In order to keep the manufacturing industry alive, prosperous and innovative in the future,  we must ensure that we are giving our children the opportunities to study within these fields.

Another term we hear a lot is the “skills gap”. There is concern that manufacturing jobs aren’t being filled and the people applying for these positions do not have the proper education and training.

You see how the puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place?

By making sure that the future generations have the chance to gain the education (and of course that we do our part by shouting from the rooftops how fantastic it is to work in the manufacturing industry!) it is within our reach to close the skills gap. As is mentioned in this article from Forbes, there are more than 600,000 manufacturing jobs available in America. There are communities and schools that are taking the steps necessary to inspire school children to study a STEM curriculum. For example, a new program in New York City called BTECH will take place this year.  The program is a 6 year high school with a focus on STEM topics. The hope is that a program like this will give students an edge when it comes time to enter the workforce.  Yet another article from Forbes outlines 8 major reasons to take BTECH seriously.

While the BTECH program may be demanding, the logic behind it is solid. At Franklynn, we agree that getting our youth involved from an early age is important. What other types of innovative ideas are out there? We’d love to hear any ideas you may have!

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