Releasing the Power in Our Athletic Shoe Application

One of the many applications our products are used for is in the molding of athletic shoe components. If you look at a tennis shoe, or running shoe (or any type of athletic shoe, for that matter) you will notice that it has many components that have been molded, such as the outsole, midsole and insole.

Since each of the components require different properties we utilize different products for each application and for the different elastomers used.  For example, the outsoles will most likely be made from a more durable rubber. In this application we generally use a semi-permanent release agent.  Midsoles may require the use of a variety of different types of release agents.

Since athletic shoes are not only for those who pound the pavement, but are also for those who like to make fashion statements, it is imperative that we pay special attention to the effect that our release agents have on the appearance of each shoe; in particular the color.  We develop our release agents to provide the best balance of easy de-molding, adhesion to other components, and appearance attributes.

We enjoy taking on this challenge and being a part of the process that keeps consumers active and healthy!

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