Release Agents that are a Hole in One

Golf is one of the most popular sports around the world. From professional golfers competing for millions of dollars, to countless men and women who make it their top form of weekend enjoyment and relaxation, the game of golf is universal and timeless. golf-ball-molding-big

The equipment used in today’s game is precisely designed and everything about the golf ball is intricately manufactured for optimal performance. At Franklynn, we know this well, as we work with some of the top global manufacturers of golf balls.

Depending on the types of molding and elastomer being used, there are different solutions we can provide for the release of core material and golf ball covers. Both permanent and semi-permanent release agents are available, depending on specific needs.

Our DiamondKote release agents are used for the release of golf ball cores, and thermoplastic and thermoset covers. They are specifically designed to provide an easy release and be non-transferring, which improves efficiencies in the manufacturing process and performance benefits.

Many of our golf ball customers have specific equipment that makes this product ideal for them and advantageous over other similar products. Our engineers are highly experienced in all of the uses and specifics of our DiamondKote release agents, and can guide you to the exact right release agent for your golf ball molding application. We realize that every decision going into the manufacturing of these balls is crucial to their performance; feel free to contact us with any questions, and let us help guide you to the best choice for you.

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