Over Two Decades of Creating Innovative Industrial Solutions

Franklynn Industries was established in 1991, and for over two decades we have focused on how to leave our unique mark on the mold release industry. Everything that we do can be traced back to a desire to innovate and best help our customers.

That is why we were one of the very first companies to manufacture a water-based mold release agent. At the time, solvent-based products dominated the market but we knew that we could bring something different to the table. Our water-based DiamondKote products prove again and again that our talented engineers and experts know how to make a superior product.

Now we offer a complete line of mold release agents that can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications.  Whether you are molding rubber, polyurethane, or plastics, our global system of distributors can deliver you the perfect solution.

Now known as ITW Fluids NA we have even more resources and expertise at our disposal and look forward to continuing to produce the most innovative products and solutions available in the industry.  Stay tuned to this blog for all of the most recent Franklynn developments at ITW Fluids NA.

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