Mold Release Agents in Action: Tire Manufacturing

When producing pneumatic tires, manufacturing efficiency can be greatly improved by using some important processing aids – mold release agents.  If you consider the sidewall, tread segments, and bladder there are many opportunities for sticking which can significantly affect your process and production efficiency.

Our DiamondKote line of release agents and bladder coatings are designed to prevent elastomers from sticking to the mold and bladder.  DiamondKote products for use on tire cavities are semi-permanent in nature and in some cases are applied only once a day or once a shift.  These products not only prevent sticking but also keep molds clean and allow you to produce tires with a consistent appearance heat after heat.  DiamondKote products are also used for improving bladder life and performance.  Extending bladder life beyond the norm has a significant benefit with respect to bladder cost, down time, labor, and overall manufacturing efficiency.

In addition to providing mold release agents for pneumatic tire manufacturing, we also have products useful for the manufacture of solid tires and many other molded elastomers. Whatever type of tire you are making, there is a Franklynn mold release agent up to the task.

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