Mold Release Agents in Action: Automotive Anti-Vibration Component Molding

Rubber molded anti-vibration components play a crucial role in the automotive industry. By cutting down on vibration they improve ride quality and protect critical components from unnecessary wear. These components can include bushings, engine mounts, fluid mounts and more.

In order to function properly in the vehicle the components themselves have to be manufactured to the highest quality. Using the proper mold release agent is an essential part of achieving this quality. Our line of DiamondKote release agents provide the molder with the critical release ease needed in this application.  In addition DiamondKote offers the molder superior release longevity, mold cleanliness, and limited transfer to the part which is important in achieving the necessary bond strength of the elastomer to the insert.  All of these features result in improved efficiencies for the molder, and this results in greater production, less scrap, and less downtime for spraying and mold cleaning.

Whatever your specific application, there is a DiamondKote product available to help you achieve the results you need in your molding operation.

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