Meeting the Demands, Challenges, and Opportunities of the Fiberglass Insulation Industry

This year, we all have more than the holidays to celebrate. The economy is looking up, and many industries are seeing business booming.

The construction industry is no exception. In fact, October saw the highest levels of construction spending since May, with new homes and schools leading the way.* In many major U.S. cities, construction of office buildings and homes is proving to be excellent for industry and the economy. In Chicago, commercial and residential construction projects have reached $8.6 billion this year—making it the best year for the city since 2008.**

When the overall construction industry does well, so do the manufacturers of building materials. One of these sectors that continue to see increased demand is the fiberglass board and insulation market.

According to the latest numbers, global demand for insulation is expected to grow to nearly $25 billion by 2018, and “in North America alone, demand for insulation in residential construction applications will grow over 5% per year.”***

With all of this demand and opportunity, it’s important for fiberglass manufacturers to protect their businesses while staying on top and ahead; downtime is simply not an option.

fiberglass-plant-saves-money-when-manufacturing-fiberglass-boardOne of the best ways to ensure this is through the use of the right mold release agent. At Franklynn, our DiamondKoteTM mold release provides a significant reduction of downtime commonly associated with cleaning in the manufacturing process, resulting in savings of millions of dollars.

Why? Because typically, cleaning of the revolving metal flights within these facilities is a time consuming process, resulting in hours of downtime. However, our patented DiamondKoteTM mold release agent effectively reduces binder and mold release build-up, while shaving time off the process. The end result is saved time, and a lot of saved money. Each hour that is saved is another hour spent manufacturing products for a demanding marketplace.

Fiberglass insulation offers many benefits, and its use will continue to grow. Thanks to DiamondKoteTM, you can be sure to take advantage of this opportunity indefinitely.




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