ITW/Franklynn Works Hard to Improve Community

Beyond our corporate culture and the enjoyment we receive from our jobs and through our company, another thing that ITW/Franklynn is exceptionally proud of, is our volunteerism.

We take strides in working within the community, especially when it comes to helping the youth. Our Junior Achievement Program for the United Way is one way we are able to see our efforts through. We put together an online auction for various prizes and activities that all go towards Junior Achievement, and the prizes are pretty impressive!

This year, some of the prizes include:

  • 12 Tickets to a Bulls game in the Executive Sweet including food, drinks and parking
  • Tickets to a Blackhawks game
  • iPad Package

Another way that we raise money for Junior Achievement is our annual Bowl-a-Thon. We all get together at different bowling alleys across the nation and play against each other. Besides raising money for a great cause, we also have a fantastic time with each other!

ITW is an avid believer and activist in the belief that corporate citizenship is a driving force of our workforce community. The company and our employees understand the responsibility of bettering our community while also driving innovation and efficiency. Both customer and employee satisfaction is raised when community is involved and we are so happy to be an active part of it!

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